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Why you Should Blog for your Business

As a business owner you’ve probably been encouraged to blog about your company and the services or products you offer.  Blogging is for everyone, including businesses as it’s become a powerful method of marketing and it’s not just for the big companies, it’s an essential part of running a small to medium business nowadays.  We’re living in the Digital Age and savvy retailers and business owners know that leveraging as much muscle from the internet as possible is the way forward in today’s competitive world. 

A well-written and frequently updated business blog should be interesting and informative – it gives retailers a personal voice so that they can connect with their readers on a personal level.  This has builds brand awareness and trust with customers and potential customers alike.  Take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy by blogging for your business:

  • You can make sure your website is fresh, offering customers relevant information that will persuade them to return on a regular basis.  Adding new blog posts regularly will help you to stay on Google’s search radar, pushing your website higher up in the search engine rankings.
  • You can give your readers some expert advice on your products or services and the best ways to use them.  This will build great customer relationships, especially if you offer ideas and advice on other subjects connected with (but not directly related to) your products.  Giving useful information on relevant subjects in this way will result in your readers seeing you as an expert in your field.
  • By making  it easy for readers to share your blog content (with the addition of social media sharing buttons) you can get your content read by a much larger audience which is a great method of attracting new customers or clients.
  • Make sure you allow comments on your blog posts so that customers can join in the conversation.  They will be able to contact you for advice or to tell you of any problems they experience with your products and services.  Use your replies to address these problems, offering discounts, advice, etc.  Being in direct contact with your customers is an effective way of building brand loyalty.
  • Offering an enhanced customer experience by directly engaging with your customers via blog posts and social media will give you an edge over your competitors.

While it’s difficult to calculate an exact ROI on your blogging and social media activity you’ll get a good idea of how well it’s working by measuring the increase in traffic to your website.  If you have social media accounts (and every business should), then you’ll probably notice an increase in followers too.  Don’t forget to share each new blog post on your social media channels with a short but fun message encouraging your followers to click on the link and read your latest news.