Why Us

ACM is a Leading Credit Management Company

We offer many years of experience in dealing with slow-paying debtors and have established a reputation for securing and recovering outstanding commercial debt from around the world.

Our focus on the commercial debt market & other debt collection firms has enabled us to develop a business methodology based on a detailed evaluation of your problem debt or portfolio to produce a realistic estimate of the likelihood of collection and the setting out of a recommended and cost-effective method of recovery.

As a result of the methodology we develop comprehensive recovery operation achieving results by implementing a defined strategy.

Our continuing success has been built upon:

Strict Confidentiality

Maintaining client relationships in strict confidentiality.

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UK Debt Recovery

Solutions are primarily sought through innovation and negotiation.

Tailored Service

Offering a tailored service that meets the clients' needs and objectives.

Access Credit Management Objectives

The strength of Access Credit Management lies in the ability to evaluate, negotiate and the creation of circumstances within which problem debt situations can be successfully resolved.

Our objective on behalf of you and your business is to:

Maximize your cash flow

Reduce your financing costs

Increase your profitability

Reduce the time taken to collect

Maintain debtor goodwill

Maintain commercial trading relationships

Minimize litigation costs


All collections are conducted in a legal, ethical and professional manner. We value both your and our professional standing in the business community.

We constantly strive to assist our clients to trade with confidence with existing and future customers on a national and international basis and our continued success has been built upon providing a service that meets with our clients’ requirements.

As a debt collection agency, we try to make the debt collection process seamless so you can carry on with your everyday work.


Enquire now and see how access credit management limited will be able to assist your cash flow to speed up.

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