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Why Not Follow us on Facebook?

Here at Access Credit Management, we’re a modern business, fit for the 21st Century and the Digital Age. If you want proof of that, look no further than our Facebook Page or Twitter account – we’re even on LinkedIn. This means that there are three different social media platforms that people can use to connect with us online – you just choose which is the most appropriate way for you to follow us or link up with us.

Twitter is a useful social media platform, but it can be a little difficult to get used to saying what you want to say within the confines of 140 characters. Twitter is definitely the most “current” of the social media platforms and companies can attract a host of followers who will become useful brand advocates for the future. Communication is instant, so Twitter is a great place to communicate in the here and now. If you’re attending an industry event then check out the event’s Twitter account for the very latest up to date information. Follow some other companies or individuals who are in the same business as you and you’re likely to come across a wealth of really useful information that would be difficult to source in any other way.

What about Facebook? If you thought it was just a place for people to play around communicating with friends and family, then you need to think again. Everybody is on Facebook nowadays (even the silver surfers are there – my 79 year old mum Facebooks on a daily basis). Company Facebook pages are a great place to showcase products and services in an informal manner. The more interesting stuff you post, the more followers/friends you will attract.

You can use Twitter to share the updates you post to Facebook and vice-versa – it’s a great way of reaching an even wider audience, whatever social network you or your contacts prefer to use. Of course, Twitter does limit you to 140 characters which means that you need to be fairly inventive in order to get across what you want to say. Posting links can take up most of your characters, so using one of the free online link shortening services will help you get around that issue.

With all of the social media websites, it’s not just about appealing to others with the same interests as you, it’s also about connecting with people who have similar interests – this is how you grow your audience. For example, we provide international debt collection solutions and we want to attract people in all sectors who may become prospective customers. However, we also want to let people know about our great services that we offer on a no win, no fee basis, so social networking is a great way of doing this.

We love using social media to keep our followers informed of what we’re up to, especially when we’re working on exciting new projects. Check out our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our news and connect with us for a better, brighter way of communicating in the future.