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Use Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business

Owning and operating a small business means wearing many hats in order to perform all the different types of tasks that go along with managing a business these days.  While there are many small business owners who are happy with the amount of business they actually do, there are others who are determined to grow their business and increase both turnover and profits.  Technology can make this easier than ever before as more and more people are happy to shop on line – after all, it’s much more convenient to shop from the comfort of your own armchair than it is to visit the high street in order to buy goods.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, then why not leverage the power of the current customers when seeking ways of increasing sales.  You already have a captive customer base that is one of your most valuable assets.  Any sales and marketing decisions you make should be based on customer feedback - what new products and services you could add to your offerings, how much to charge, even where to advertise.  Today we’re going to take a look at the questions you should be asking in order to gain the type of feedback you need from your customers that will enable you to make informed decisions on both sales and marketing.  Here’s a list of questions that could be used:

·        What products or services would you like to see us add?

·        How satisfied are you with my company’s range of products or services?

·        Are there any products or services that you think we should eliminate?

·        Are the prices we charge higher than you expect, lower than you expect, or what you expect to pay for these products or services?

·        How do our prices compare with the prices other companies charge for similar products or services?

·        In what way are our offerings better than those of our competitors?

·        In what way are our competitors’ offerings better than ours?

·        What are the most important factors or features that you consider when deciding to purchase one of our products or services – (for example quality, price, speed of delivery, range of choices, etc.)?

It’s usually the case that customers are quite happy to provide feedback as they feel more involved in the purchase process as a whole if they believe their views are valued by you and your business.  Leveraging information of this type from customers will give you some constructive insights into how you can improve your business offerings and provide your customers with a great customer experience.  This, in turn, should result in your customers sharing their great customer experience with friends and family, either by word of mouth or on social media platforms (where it’s likely to be seen my a wider audience).  Your customers will become brand advocates for your business, reaching a wider base of potential customers, giving you all the tools you need to enhance your business, increase turnover and grow your business.