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UK & International Debt Recovery

As one of the UK’s top leading debt collection firms, Access Credit Management operates both in the UK and overseas to provide our customers with UK and international commercial debt recovery help. 

We offer credit management and credit control help to organisations in a wide range of sectors, whether they are large or small, national or international.

With a proven track record of successful commercial debt recovery, both in the UK and overseas, our services are available to both British and internationally-based businesses with debt collection requirements in the UK.

Late payment, or non-payment is not only frustrating for businesses, it can have a direct negative effect on your cash flow.  Spending precious time and money on chasing late payments is not cost-effective for businesses and can stifle growth and expansion.

If a customer is not paying or paying late, they are likely to be doing so with their other creditors too.  This will lead to an increase in their total debts, leaving your company at risk of not being paid. 

When you place a commercial account with Access Credit Management, one of our expert team members will discuss your requirements and then check the solvency and liquidity of the account to gain an insight on your customer’s ability to pay.  This enables us to negotiate with them from a position of strength and increases the chance of monies owed being recovered. 

We will contact your customer and deal with non-payment objections swiftly.   We work with your customer to obtain agreements to recover the money owed to your business, in the most time efficient and cost effective manner.

We understand that speedy recovery is vital to your business interests, so we review these actions regularly in order to effect a prompt recovery.

We deal with your customers in an amicable manner this reduces the likelihood of legal action, saving both time and money, should legal action be required we will select the most effective firm of solicitors from our legal panel of solicitors.

When it comes to dealing with late payment or non-payment from overseas customers, whether in the European Union or other parts of the world, we have trained experts who have experience of dealing with the overseas markets. 

Our international team members are all qualified professionals who have the expertise and specialist knowledge necessary to deal with your overdue invoices from foreign nationals wherever they are located.  Using the contacts, knowledge and experience gained from successfully recovering international debts since year 2000, our agents have a successful record of performance in recovering money from all parts of the world.

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