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Putting your Drop Shipping Business on the Road to Success

Over the past few weeks we’ve been taking a look at drop shipping as a business model.  It’s become increasingly popular over the past few years, mainly because it’s a low risk business opportunity with extremely low entry costs.  However, it’s not enough to decide to set up a drop shipping business and sit back and wait for orders.  Products can be sold via a simple website, a Facebook page, or on Amazon and other such websites.  Having a sales outlet for your products is just the beginning – there are some vital actions you need to take to put your business on the path to success:

  • Marketing and SEO – driving traffic to where your products can be purchased is a key element for success with drop shipping.  It’s no use having a great website if you have no traffic so marketing your products and driving traffic is an essential part of the business, especially during the first 12 months of trading.  If you’re not already an expert with marketing and SEO, there are some great places online where you can find the information you need to learn how to do this.  We’ll have some more information on how to do this next week.  Be sure you don’t miss out on some valuable tips by following us on Facebook or Twitter
  • Adding Value – for your customers is vital for business as there is so much competition online that you need a way of standing out from the crowd.  This can be done in many ways but you’ll probably need to use your imagination a little.  You could publish a free to download guide on using your products that’s available once a customer has placed an order.  If the product is from overseas and features instructions in a foreign language, have them correctly translated (you can find an online remote worker to translate these) and delivered electronically to customers.  If the product is versatile and able to be used in different ways, publish blog posts about how to do this – this won’t just benefit your customers, it will also lead to more sales in the long term.
  • Great Customer Service – this may be a little difficult as the products you sell are delivered directly to your customers without ever passing through your hands.  Quality assurance will be a challenge but, if you are contacted by customers who have a problem with one of your products, then do everything in your power to put things right.  Communicate politely with the customer and offer ways of solving their problem, such as a replacement order if goods did not arrive or arrived damaged, or, in some cases, give a full refund.  Basically, make it easier for the customer to feel that you have done everything within your power to solve their problem.
  • Look at the Long Term Outlook – building a drop shipping business takes a significant level of commitment and investment over time.  You’re not likely to be earning a six figure income within six months.  Realistically, it takes at least a year to build a business that generates and average full time income, so be patient as your fledgling business takes off on the path to success.