Outsourced Credit Control & Receivables Management

Good credit management and cash control are the keys to building a successful business...

Credit control can be time consuming and expensive to your business. Outsourcing your credit control to Access Credit Management can free up cash flow and time for your business and, contrary to popular beliefs, it can save you a lot more than it costs!

The debtor or receivables book is generally one of the larger assets of most companies. Effective management of the book is a continual challenge for business and requires ongoing monitoring:

  • How can your revenue cycle be improved?
  • How can your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) be reduced?
  • How are your seriously overdue customers to be dealt with?
  • Can a debt considered to be a write-off actually be collected in full?

Access Credit Management continues to help companies manage and protect this valuable asset to ensure the performance of the revenue cycle to keep the DSO within accepted parameters.

Access Credit Management prevent potential bad debt through:

  • Outsourcing the management of debtors
  • Domestic collection
  • Recourse factored and invoice discounted debt collection
  • Pre and post year end audit collection
  • Collection of payments from exports

Given the current challenging business conditions and continuing pressure on costs, many businesses find it hard to justify the costs of a dedicated credit control specialist.

At Access Credit Management we provide an outsourced credit control service which can be on a disclosed or undisclosed basis. It is not a requirement that the whole of your debtor ledger be passed to us for collection, you decide which accounts are no longer cost effective for you to continue chasing. On inspection of the debtors it may become apparent that outsourcing may not be required and that our debt collection service is more suitable.

Outsourced credit control focuses on a company's balance sheet, because the invoice-to-cash cycle is where the most dramatic gains in efficiency, productivity and cash flow can be made.

The benefits of outsourcing credit control are:

  • Credit control availability all year
  • Daily availability of experienced credit control staff
  • Proven credit control policies and procedures
  • Seamless transfer to our debt collection service
  • Improved cash flow

Our fee for this service is tailored around your requirements and can be undertaken on a fixed fee basis for a month-to-month outsource or on a 'no collection - no fee' basis and is determined by the number of accounts, value and age of debt.

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