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Mailmark – The New Kid on the Block

In order to compete on a level playing field in the Digital Age, the Royal Mail has been upgrading to the use of innovative new products that are designed to offer businesses and customers a postal service that’s fit for the 21st Century. The Royal Mail’s latest offering is Mailmark, a barcode technology that merges mail and business information to provide companies who mail out large volumes with the high tech analytics necessary to inform them of exactly what happens to each letter from the moment it leaves the company until the moment it arrives at the recipient’s address.

This can only be good news for companies that deal with their customers by post, especially in cases where late payments are involved. Mailmark is a technology that will enhance the debt collection process for both customers and collection agencies. It means that each and every item will be checked so that delivery speeds and confirmation of receipt can leave a company in no doubt that an invoice has been delivered.

A company chasing up a late payment can then arrange follow up communications (like phone calls or emails) once it has ascertained that the invoice has been received. Mailmark will also remove the hassle and embarrassment of making a follow up call before the corresponding invoice has actually been delivered, saving both time and confusion on both parts. It is a great way of streamlining the payment process and takes the onus off the customer or client.

Mailmark will also provide companies with detailed analytics that enable an insight into the customer journey and allow collection agencies to tailor their approach according to the communications the customer has or hasn’t received. Companies invoicing customers will be able to make better and more informed business decisions on when is the right time to engage the services of a credit collection agency in the case of late payment.

The Royal Mail has invested heavily in this state of the art barcode technology and offers it to organisations at no extra cost. Companies using Mailmark will benefit from the following information:

  • Accurate predictions for mail landing which will enable best practise for communications and marketing.
  • Where each piece of mail is and when it’s out for delivery.
  • A customised online reporting process so that companies can view the status of each piece of mail and the quality of the address data.

As each piece of mail is produced a Mailmark is added and the details added to an e-manifest (the electronic list of consignments), which is sent to the Royal Mail. As each piece of your mail progresses through the postal system, the barcodes are read at strategic points and generate an individual report on each item.These reports can be viewed online by the company in order to accurately ascertain where each piece of mail is at any given time.

Mailmark is an option for Royal Mail customers who use Business, Advertising and Publishing Mail and has minimum entry levels for those services. Full details can be found on the Royal Mail website.