Insolvency options for individuals and companies


There are many reasons when it becomes necessary for a business to cease trading or re-structure. Often a large bad debt, loss of a key customer or fundamental cash flow problems necessitate action.

Cash flow at crucial times is the key for any business. Many viable businesses that go into insolvency could be saved given access to appropriate advice and funding lines.

Access Credit Management can provide extensive funds that are available to business with cash flow problems including:

  • Commercial mortgages
  • Debtor finance
  • Stock finance
  • Asset finance

Is the business insolvent or can it be turned around?

There are two primary tests:

  • The business cannot pay its liabilities as and when they become due
  • The business has more liabilities than assets

In addition, if the business cannot:

  • Trade at a profit, or
  • Pay staff wages/salaries, or
  • Creditors are taking aggressive legal action, or
  • Your bank is withdrawing support, or
  • There are increasing VAT/PAYE arrears

Contact us immediately on 0800 694 0484 to discuss your options.

Business turnaround from insolvency

If your business is under pressure due to any of the above or additionally if:

  • Bailiffs or Sheriff�s have visited the premises,
  • You have entered into arrangements with the Inland Revenue or VAT but have been unable to maintain them,
  • You have been unable to pay yourself any wages/salary

Contact us immediately on 0800 694 0484 for a no obligation assessment as to how the business can be turned around.

This is what we can do to help save your business:

  • Review your financial position and present you with available options
  • Provide you with access to a range of specialists to assist with the turnaround

There are various insolvency options for both individuals and companies. Follow the links below for details.

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