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Industry Event Alert

Here at Access Credit Management, we can’t stress enough how important it is to attend industry events and conference.  It’s a great way of keeping up to speed with all the latest news in the debt collection and management sector and anybody who takes their job or their company seriously will jump at the chance to attend all the important industry events as a method of showing that they are dedicated to providing their clients with the expertise and experience necessary to offer the very best service available.  One of the most important industry events to take place during 2016 will be the Collections, Debt Sale and Purchase Conference 2016 which will be held at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on 24th November, 2016.

Among the keynote speakers at the conference will be Santander’s Head of Risk Strategy, Richard Kernick, the Financial Conduct Authority’s Manager of Consumer Credit Department and Retail Lending, Louise Marfany and MBNA’ Vice President and Head of Asset Sales, Ian Worthington.  Louise Marfany is due to speak on the FCA’s regulatory updates on supervisory work in consumer credit with an overview of the FCA’s approach to unregulated debt collection activities and the evolution of the Consumer Credit Sourcebook (CONC) and its forthcoming changes.

At midday, there’s a fascinating look at gaining collections information for commercial and compliance benefit by David Pauken, CEO of Convoke which will cover the following topics:

·         Effective vendor management

·         Knowing which information to retain for TCF evidencing and auditing

·         Reviewing captured data in order improve customer treatment

·         Migrating the cost of TCF compliance

·         New innovations in the US using private exchange and repository solutions

·         Addressing the increasing responsibility credit issuers have over channel partner activities

·         Providing more control for credit issuers and channel partners

·         Working to enhance customer treatment in a meaningful way.

Industry specific exhibitions, conferences and events can be useful for those working in the sector who want to make career progress and reach the top.  The events are a great chance for you to showcase your expertise in your field and network with all the movers and shakers within the industry.  You’ll be able to discuss your interests with others in your field and gain valuable insights into what they think of current events and how they are shaping the industry as a whole. 

You’ll also find that industry events are a brilliant opportunity for networking, you may come across competitors from other regions who could become a valuable resource for both referrals and best practices.  You can keep up with all the latest news and innovative ideas that may impact your business or your job in the future.  There’s also the educational aspect of the conference to consider – you may gain insights into new ways of conducting business and use what you learn to help you become more productive and more efficient in your work life.  You’re likely to come into contact with so many people who will prove inspirational to you in the future, as these type of industry events are usually attended by the best and brightest in the sector – and you need to be one of these.