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How a Mobile Card Machine will Benefit your Small Business

Britain is THE nation of small business owners – SMEs comprise more than 99% of all private sector business in the UK and account for 52% of all private sector turnover.  This clearly shows how heavily our economy depends on small businesses, many of which thrive despite an uncertain economic future as we face the challenges of Brexit. 

Not all of these small businesses needs a high street shop or office space, millions of business owners are running their business from home.  Whether it’s a spare room turned into a home office, a workshop in the garage or even an online business run from a laptop on the kitchen table, so many of these small businesses thrive precisely because they don’t have the extra overheads associated with renting business premises.  We also have an army of tradespeople in the UK who are managing their own businesses, electricians, decorators, plumbers, artisans, taxi drivers – you name it and, if it can be done without premises, it’s a sure bet that somebody, somewhere in the UK is doing it.  Most of our towns in the UK enjoy a regular weekly or monthly market too – a market in which traders rock up and set up their stall on a specific day of the week or month, offering such a wide range of goods and products that attract customers looking for a bargain.

When it comes to accepting payments, a large proportion of these businesses deal in cash or online payments.  We’ve all become used to paying for goods and services using our cards and this results in many of us just not having the cash available to make some purchases.  This is why a mobile card machine is a great way for small businesses to offer their customers a more convenient way to pay, without having to go to the trouble of tracking down an ATM to withdraw the necessary cash.  Not having the option of making a card payment can drive potential customers to a competitor who offers more convenient payment methods.

Mobile card readers are the fastest way of taking payments, whether they are Contactless or Chip and PIN devices.  It’s also more convenient for the trader because you won’t’ finish the day carrying a large amount of cash, putting you at risk and you have the added convenience of cutting down on the amount of time you have to spend banking your takings. 

When choosing a mobile card machine, there are several available, so make sure you look for a product that offers the following features:

  • It accepts all major credit cards
  • You can print customer receipts directly from the terminal
  • It’s lightweight
  • It has a long-life battery that will last a full day
  • It’s splash proof (essential for those who trade outdoors on markets).

By opting to take payments via a card machine, you’re guaranteeing those payments without dispute.  You will have the added benefit that payments are covered against fraud by the issuing bank.  It’s a more secure option for both you and your customers as every transaction will be encrypted and benefit from 3D security.