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Freelancer Finances - Debt Collection Solutions

We’re now living in the Digital Age – technology has changed the way in which we live, work and play. The advent of the internet means that communication in the 21st Century is easier and cheaper than ever before and this has led to so many innovative ways of working. The internet allows businesses to outsource all sorts of work that would once have been done in-house and this has become an attractive proposition. We’re seeing a freelance revolution that means that recruiters and hiring managers nowadays don’t always meet the people they hire. Even more amazing is the fact that many business owners are hiring freelance staff that they never meet at all and all communication is done online. Work is delivered by email or uploaded to the business owner’s cloud-based storage without any physical contact whatsoever – everything is done in the virtual world.


The main benefits to business of using freelancers are:

• Hiring freelancers can save time on interviewing and recruitment

• Your business will be more agile and capable of responding to changes and challenges in the marketplace more rapidly

• It saves money on premises and equipment • You won’t be responsible for their taxes, holiday time, health insurance or sick pay – this represents a major saving for most businesses.


Freelancers who undertake work in this way also enjoy many advantages, such as:

• The flexibility to manage your work to fit in with your lifestyle – a major advantage for stay at home parents, those who live in remote locations, etc.

• Take holidays when you choose

• You’re not an employee so you can be your own boss

• No travelling to work – commuting can take up valuable time that would be better spent on doing something more productive.


However, it’s not all fun and games and freelancers do face a particular set of problems, one of the most challenging is collecting payments from clients who appear reluctant to pay. Late payments are a serious enough issue for freelancers as maintaining a cash flow is essential when you don’t have a monthly pay check that you can rely on. Many of the payments are for small amounts and if the client doesn’t pay it hardly seems worth using the legal system as a debt collection solution. The small claims courts don’t guarantee that payment will be received and it often seems not worth the fee or the hassle, especially for smaller amounts of money.

This is where the services of a specialist debt collection agency would make sense. Many freelancers work with clients from all over the world so hiring one of the international collection agencies is a great idea for freelancers who are owed money by clients. As a freelancer whose owed money you may think that hiring the service of debt recovery experts would be beyond your financial means. However, there are collecting agencies who work on a “no win, no fee” basis, so you don’t have to risk more money in order to collect the money that is owed to you. Look for a recovery collection agency that undertakes international debt collection work and has a “no win, no fee” policy. Get in touch and speak to them about your problem – it may be much easier to solve than you ever would have dreamed.