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Digital Marketing for Luxury Brand Owners

Luxury goods are a niche market that’s full of big players competing for the audience’s attention and money.  As the owner of a smaller, more exclusive provider of luxury brands, the effective use of digital marketing can help you to reach a global audience of customers who are looking for a unique product.  Today we’re going to take a look at how to build your luxury brand marketing strategy to ensure success.

The first task is to identify your marketing goals.  Do you want to increase brand awareness, increase overall revenue, or increase the number of newsletter signups?  Set your goals first so that you can adjust your strategy to achieve your goals.

Defining and understanding your target audience is vital.  You should know who your current and ideal customers are so that you know who to target when reaching for your marketing goals.  Your audience has an important part to play in how you build your marketing strategy.  Define your customers by demographics, their interests, behaviours and pain points.  The more comprehensive your ideal customer profile is, the easier it is to communicate with them in a manner and a language that will resonate with them.

Evaluate your existing marketing strategy (if you have one) to find what’s working so that your can build on this in future efforts. 

Create a marketing plan based on the research you’ve done.  The plan should include timelines of launch and execution of each of your marketing tactics, and your marketing strategy as a whole.  It should contain benchmarks against which you can measure your success.

Prepare to put your marketing plan into practice by making sure all current stakeholders are onboard.  Develop a launch plan which should include:

  • A timeline of the launch, listing the responsibilities of everybody involved in it
  • Internal launch communications so that everybody involved in your business has all the information necessary
  • The creative assets necessary for the launch
  • Any tactics that may stimulate interest initially

Find your Core Story – write down what makes your luxury brand unique in your field and focus on elements that make your product or service different from the competition.  This needs to be done on both a rational and emotional level.  Customers don’t buy luxury products because they need them, they buy them based on aspirations, wishes and other emotional reasons.

Build a sense of exclusivity, which is the key to success when it comes to the luxury industry.  Find ways to show your customers how special they will feel as a result of buying and using your product.  Build a content strategy that narrates the story of your brand in ways that connect to the individuality of your customers.

Make sure your website is designed for luxury.  This is the hub of your efforts and the place where you can showcase your products to customers and, at the same time, draw them into the customer journey and convert them.  Your website should be user-friendly and search engine optimised, featuring professional quality copy and images that will set your business apart from the rest.