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Debt Collection News Roundup - June 2016

The team at Access Credit Management is committed to keeping up to date with what’s going on the international debt collection industry so that we can provide our readers with interesting and relevant news about the sector. As such, once a month we publish a News Roundup to help keep you up to speed with all the important happenings in the industry and provide you with a valuable resource that that you can use to stay fully informed of all the latest news. It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here. Please join in by adding your comments below the regular news roundup postings or email us if you come across anything that you think we should include.

• Our first item may be a little surprising – it’s the news that the Church of England (CofE) is planning to expand its network of money and debt advice in a new bid to provide a nationwide network of support for people that need help to gain better control of their finances. Recent pilot schemes that took place in London, Southwark and Liverpool are now being expanded across the UK with “Credit Champion” volunteers in local churches who have been trained to help people tackle money issues by teaching budgeting skills. There are already more than 300 churches involved in the scheme which encourages people to join credit unions branches in church buildings across the UK. The initiative is expected to save more than £2 million by helping people access affordable credit, rather than turning to high interest payday loans.

• According to Family Law Week, hundreds of millions of pounds owed in child maintenance is not being collected and Gingerbread (the charity that works with single parent families) has accused the government of failing its obligation towards families in the UK. It’s been revealed that over the 23 years that the Child Support Agency (CSA) has been operating almost £4 billion in unpaid maintenance arrears has accumulated and less than half of the eligible families receive the child maintenance due to them. The CSA is currently in the process of being shut down and replaced by the Child Maintenance Service (CMS), whether the change of moniker will lead to a more streamlined and successful service remains to be seen.

• Perth and Kinross Council is being criticised for its plan to write off more than £800,000 of unpaid council tax, rent and parking fines debt for “accounting purposes”. According to the Council’s Head of Finance, the move is a last resort after all attempts using a debt recovery process have been exhausted. However, there are warnings that when people fail to pay money owed to the Council, it has a negative impact on the level of services available to all residents in the future.

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