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Customer Service – How to Get it Right for SME Owners

Whilst the Internet has brought with it a wealth of new opportunities for retailers, it’s also brought a level of competition that was just not possible in the past.  Yes, it makes such a difference to small businesses to build a website and begin trading online – after all, you can now take advantage of the fact that you can reach a much wider customer base than was possible in the past.  However, finding ways of standing out from the crowd has become much more difficult because everybody else is also trading online.  Some ways of attracting more potential customers are:

  • Having a great website that provides a fab user experience.
    • This can be a costly option if you don’t have the digital expertise to make sure your website is radically different (and better) than others.
  • Offering your products or services at a cheaper rate than everybody else.
    • This would mean that you need to sell more products or work harder in order to maintain profitability.
  • Getting great reviews for your products or services on review websites such as Trustpilot and 
    • Reviews are not universally trusted by potential consumers as it’s a well-known fact that there are companies who pay freelance writers to provide positive reviews.
  • Providing a brilliant level of customer service, especially when dealing with problems or complaints.
    • This can be surprisingly easy to achieve with the right attitude and a little imagination.

Dealing with customer complaints effectively can work in your favour.  A customer who has had a complaint that you have worked hard to fix for them will usually have their negative experienced turned into a positive one – all because you took the time and trouble to address their problems.  They are likely to tell the world (online, obviously) about what a great service they had and how much effort you made to put things right for them.

Although most consumer transactions are relatively straightforward and go smoothly, any problems which do occur should be sorted out immediately.  This is vital in the Digital Age as disgruntled customers are quick to take to social media to spread the story!  Seeing your company being ranted about on social media channels is a nightmare for any business owner, with all the worry that involves.  How will this affect your future sales figures, what sort of impact will it have on your reputation? 

Deciding that you want to offer an exceptional level of customer service is a great way of increasing your customer base in an organic and authentic manner.  Great customer service is a cost efficient way of setting your company apart from the numerous other providers who offer “nothing special” – you need to make sure your customers are made to feel special. 

Next week we’ll have some tips and ideas for you on how to make your customer feel so special that they will want to buy from your website every single.  Don’t miss out, follow us on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you know how to give great customer service.