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Customer Loyalty Programmes for SMEs

If you’re a small to medium business owner you’ll already be aware of just how important it is to make sure your customers have a great customer experience.  After all, whichever industry you work in, there is so much competition nowadays that making sure your customers are happy with your products or services is a brilliant way of standing out from the crowd.  We’re living in the Digital Age which means that you have all the tools necessary to reach a potentially huge audience but, so do your competitors.  The benefits that the internet bring to you are also available to every other company operating in your sector, so it really does level the playing field. 

Once you get your customers, it’s not just a matter of giving them what they want – you need to turn them into an army of brand advocates who will share how great your products or services are with friends and family on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  This is one of the most effective methods of reaching a wider audience and gaining new customers now that we’re in the information age. 

If the type of products or services you offer are needed by your customers on a repeat basis, then customer retention really is the name of the game, so offering a great customer experience is more important than ever.  Getting the customer to buy from you in the first place can be enough of a challenge with so much competition out there but retaining your customers so that they keep coming back for more can be even more difficult.  After all, there’s bound to be plenty of other places where they can get similar products or services as yours, you need to be the best.  Don’t forget, it takes only one negative customer experience to drive that customer towards a competitor so offering consistently great customer service and experience is the best way of retaining the customers you do attract and keep them coming back to buy from you again and again.

One way of making sure your customers return to you in future is to offer a customer loyalty programme of some kind.  There are some great online wholesalers of corporate gifts nowadays and these need not be too expensive – pens, fridge magnets, mugs, baseball caps, etc.  You could choose a series of gift (increasing in value) to offer to customers with each purchase or for every five purchases – a great way to keep them coming back for more.  Or, why not offer a discount or freebie on every fifth purchase – this means that, rather than undercutting your competitors on price, you only need to undercut them now and again for each customer which will be more effective when it comes to maintaining a steady cash flow.

Speak to your customers and find out what they want from your products or services in order to ascertain which type of customer loyalty programme would work best for your business.  Keeping your customers satisfied and coming back for more is a sure fire way of increasing your business in the future.