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Consumer Trends in 2019 for SME Online Retailers

If you have an online retail outlet then you’re sure to be aware that the competition is fierce online as your potential customers have so many different sellers to choose from.  While that may sound as if it’s too much competition to deal with, don’t forget that you also have a much wider prospective customer base than ever before.  Whether you sell locally, nationally, or internationally, the internet enables you to attract people from far and wide to look at your e-commerce website.  When it comes to making sure yours is a successful and popular online shop, keeping up with the latest consumer trends really is a must.  Here are some of the latest trends you can expect to continue through 2019.

  • Instant Gratification – it’s not just the younger generation who want it and want it NOW!  We’ve all become used to shopping at the touch of a button.  Amazon’s Alexa was a real game-changer on this issue – after all, you can notice you’re running out of washing powder, tell Alexa to order some and, lo and behold – it’s delivered to your door the very next day.  That really is the simplest shopping process possible so how do you compete with that?  You may not be able to take voice orders yet, but you can make sure that your website shopping process is quick and easy to complete and that you choose a delivery agency that guarantees rapid delivery.
  • Welcome to “Woke” Consumers – so many people nowadays are making purchasing choices based on their ethics.  There are people who avoid plastics, shoppers who want to make a statement with their purchases, vegans who still want plenty of choice in their meat-free meals, etc.  If you’re aiming to target shoppers who make decisions based on their favourite cause, make sure you do your research properly so that it’s not just your products that satisfy your customers’ requirements, but also your packaging and delivery methods.  One of the UK’s up and coming vegan food retailers is doing a roaring trade right now by delivery frozen vegan ready-meals.  The ready-meals recipes feature unusual ingredients like jack-fruits, okra, and other vegetables we’d never heard of ten years ago.  The meal packaging is all recyclable or biodegradable (mostly cardboard) and meals are delivered in a cardboard box, with thermal insulation made from sheep fleece sandwiched between two layers of recyclable plastic.  This keeps the food frozen until it’s been delivered and the parcel contains a postage-free bag that can be used to send back the thermal insulation for reuse.  These meals cost around £6 each, pretty steep for a ready-meal, but they’re selling like hot cakes!

As a small business owner, you can compete with large retailers if you find your niche and make sure that you provide an authentic and reliable service to your customers.  So many people nowadays consider sustainability more important than price when it comes to shopping, so why not jump on the bandwagon and future-proof your business as an ethical internet outlet?