Commercial trade credit insurance

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Cash flow is more important than profit and the lack of cash at crucial trading periods is often the reason businesses fail...

Why Credit Insure?

The extension of trade credit is a requirement of daily business activity and the future cash flow of any business is often tied up in the biggest current asset - the debtor book or sales ledger.

Commercial trade credit insurance is a credit management service designed to protect not only this valuable asset but also to protect the company balance sheet and ultimately the net worth of the business.

In any trading climate, protecting your business from the danger of bad debt or insolvency whether on a 'Whole Turnover', 'Key Account' or 'Key Contract' basis could make the difference to your businesses survival.

Trade Credit Insurance

The commercial trade credit insurance market has evolved in recent years and offers an increasing range of products to cover not only UK Sales but also Export Sales on a 'Single Debtor', 'Selective Accounts' or Turnover' basis wherever the company trades.

These products can also be used in conjunction with any invoice discounting or factoring facility the company uses for working capital.

Obtaining a correctly packaged insurance policy requires expertise in the commercial trade credit insurance market place.

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