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Commercial Debt Collection Defined

We’re a nation of business owners here in the UK with 99% of our businesses being SMEs, small companies with just a few employees and sole traders.  We’ve already stressed just how important it is for SMEs to maintain a steady cash flow as companies of this size are much more at risk of folding as a result of cash flow problems than their larger counterparts, most of which will have sufficient capital available to weather a few late payments.  Late payments are pretty much an unavoidable fact of life when it comes to running a business.  In an ideal situation, you shouldn’t have to deal with debt collection but, in reality, you will probably need to at some point.

As a smaller business, just a few unpaid invoices can have negative repercussions for your business if not handled correctly.  It could have a serious effect on your cash flow, turnover, credit ratings and even the good reputation of your business.  If you’ve been selling goods or services and invoiced your customers and then been left waiting for a payment, don’t panic, there’s help available to you.

Debt collection can be difficult for business owners, especially in this uncertain economic climate, which is why it is something best dealt with sooner rather than later.  The best way of dealing with bad debt is to stay ahead of it and engage the services of a professional debt collection company to recover the monies owed to your business.  A debt collection agency will handle all the correspondence with your late paying customer which will take the load off your shoulders, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.  The agency will also deal with all of the legal processes on your behalf as they have all of the experience and expertise necessary to do so.

Here at Access Credit Management, we specialise in collecting commercial debts and late payments which means that we can take this burden away from you.  We operate on a no win, no fee basis meaning that you don’t have to risk any more of your business’s capital in chasing late payments – this is a vital consideration for smaller companies that cannot afford to waste money and need to stay within a strict operating budget.

If you’re owed money by customers outside of the UK, then that’s not a problem either.  We have plenty of experience in dealing with debt collection overseas.  We have the legal knowledge and contacts necessary to collect outstanding debts from late payers in countries around the world.  This makes life much easier for you as there are different rules and regulations on dealing with debt in different countries which means that trying to sort out the legal side of things yourself would be both confusing and time confusing.

If you’re owed money by late paying customers, either here in the UK or abroad, why not get in touch now and we can give you advice you need to set the ball rolling and recover the amount owed to you without the hassle of dealing with it yourself?