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A Brand Awareness Tip for Local Businesses

Here at Access Credit Management we’re proud to Sheffield’s Cott’s Football Club, a Sheffield club that’s making waves in the Sunday Sports League.  As we’re based in Sheffield (with clients from across the UK and around the world), we feel that sponsoring a local club in this way is our way of giving back to the community in which we live and work.  Here are some pretty powerful reasons for small to medium business owners to consider sponsoring clubs, events, social facilities and other local initiatives.

Collection AgencyBrand sponsorship of this kind is a tangible marketing strategy that any business, large or small, can use.  Sponsorship is a targeted approach to marketing as brands can choose to sponsor an event or team that resonates with their customer base.  Local sports teams, in particular, rely on business sponsorship to maintain training and services and you may be surprised to learn that it’s not only large companies that offer sponsorships in this way.  Small to medium local business welcome the opportunity to build an ongoing relationship with a sports team, youth club, school, or other facility, that helps them to reach out to a new, local market. 

Sponsorship is an effective method of increasing your company’s authority and competitiveness within your regional niche and has the potential to improve your company’s image, status and reliability.  No matter how large or small the deal is, sponsorship helps to increase brand awareness, allowing you to promote your products or services to a new, targeted market.  What’s more it’s a really cost-efficient method of getting substantial publicity for a relatively small investment. 

Choosing who or what to sponsor is a decision that needs some careful consideration.  It’s vital that the sponsored party or event complements your brand message and identity.  For example, it’s a great idea for a homewares shop to sponsor a home improvement event or show.  However, some companies face a challenge when it comes to finding an appropriate and relevant sponsorship opportunity. 

Increasing the goodwill your company enjoys within your community, both locally and further afield, is a great way of strengthening your business image and reputation.  Customers tend to favour brands that care about spreading a positive message and helping the community in any way.  Therefore, linking your business with a good cause of some kind can result in lasting support and even some regular local media attention – what’s not to like about that?

 Sponsorship opportunities come in a range of forms with varying costs involved.  For small business with limited turnover, supplying the food for a community event can turn into a real winner, especially if your business deals in food in some way.  A garden centre could supply some plants for prizes in the local horticultural show or best garden competition. 

Local event organisers often turn to local shops and businesses to provide raffle prizes for local community events.  In the wider world, some of the annual TV charity appeals, like Children in Need, also generate local events, with much of the funds raised going to local causes – donating prizes for such an event is a sure-fire way of getting your name known.

However much you can help and whatever your business provides, there’s bound to be some sort of sponsorship opportunity out there that will generate a little extra attention for your business.