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October 2020

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UK Unemployment Rate Grows By 4.5%

The effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the British economy continues to be felt, as the latest figures show the unemployment rate is at its highest in more than three years. A rise of 4.5% has caused concern, although recent growth in the number of vacancies gives some cause for optimism.

The Numbers in Full

A No-Deal Brexit will Add to Covid Woes in the UK

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned that Brexit with no trade agreement in place will add to the economic woes that the UK has suffered this year, as the country attempts to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

What Did They Say?

The Paris-based think tank pointed out that the lack of a deal would make the British economy shrink by 6.5%. They pointed out that the chaos caused by the pandemic will make a disorderly Brexit even more awkward, as businesses aren’t as prepared for the period of transition as they should be.