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August 2019

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The Banks That Charge Interest to Rich Savers

The current economic conditions and low interest rates have forced banks to find new, creative ways of making money. One of these ideas has threatened to turn the traditional banking relationship on its head.

We are used to banks charging interest on loans and paying out interest to savers. It is easy to imagine that the richest customers rake in a handsome profit on the interest from their deposits. Yet, the truth is that some banks are planning to start charging interest to them, rather than paying it out.

The Background

Is the US Trade War with China Close to Ending?

The long-running trade war between the US and China has been blamed as being one of the key factors in the recent economic slowdown. However, hopes have been raised recently that the end of the dispute may be in sight.

The Background

With both of these countries aiming to be the world’s leading economic power, they have got caught up in a series of measures aimed to damage the other. Increasing tariffs, trade barriers and other issues that hurt the economy have been going on since 2018.

Will the UK Pay £39 Billion to Leave the EU?

The long-running issue of how and when the UK leaves the European Union will soon be resolved. With the deadline of the 31st of October looming, there are still a number of matters to be concluded.

High on this list is the question of whether or not the country will need to pay the £39 billion that has been mentioned in the past. Right now, there is a difference of opinion between the British leader and the EU about whether this is due to be paid or not.

What Is This Bill?