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December 2018

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"Any views or opinions expressed in these blogs are solely those of the author and might not represent those of Access Credit Management Limited."

Debt Collection News Roundup – November, 2018

Here at Access Credit Management we like to bring our readers interesting and relevant news about our industry so once a month we publish a News Roundup.  This is intended to let you know what’s going on and keep you informed of all the important news within the sector so that you have a resource to make sure you receive of all the latest news. 


SME Owners - Ten Questions to ask an Independent Financial Advisor

Last week we brought our readers some advice on where to go for financial guidance when running a small business.  Being a successful SME owner does not necessarily mean being an expert on financial issues, and canny business owners find that the services of an independent financial advisor can be worth the expense when compared with the money saved as a result of their input.

Aged Debts Explained for SME Owners

Any SME owner will tell you that one of the secrets of success to running your own business is finding a way to maintain a healthy cash flow.  However, this is not always easy, so many small business owners are facing the challenge of long delays in payment from companies they supply.  The B2B supply chain is what keeps Britain working and thriving – small businesses who provide products, materials or services to larger businesses are vital to the British economy.  However, with larger companies are often the main culprits when it comes to late payments, leaving their suppliers often strugg

How a Mobile Card Machine will Benefit your Small Business

Britain is THE nation of small business owners – SMEs comprise more than 99% of all private sector business in the UK and account for 52% of all private sector turnover.  This clearly shows how heavily our economy depends on small businesses, many of which thrive despite an uncertain economic future as we face the challenges of Brexit. 

How to Reduce the Financial Stress of Running a Small Business

According to research, 40% of British entrepreneurs claim that managing their finances and banking are the most stressful parts of running their business.  It seems that small business owners spend so much of their time balancing the books that they often have no evenings or weekends free to relax and enjoy themselves.  Most admit to spending more3 than five hours each week taking care of financial matters, with 20% of small to medium business owners spending more than 8 hours each week on this.  That’s a full day’s work for somebody who’s an employee – and we all know that business owners

Playing Music in Commercial Premises – Is it Legal?

In times gone by, many workplaces and business premises would have a radio playing to provide some background music for people and customers to listen to as they worked or shopped.  Most retail outlets nowadays have music playing and some companies with branches throughout the UK have their own radio stations, playing music with breaks to advertise their products and special offers to make sure customers are fully aware of what’s available in store.  Restaurants play music to enhance the dining experience, hair and beauty salons play music that soothes and relaxes.  Even medical professiona

The Future Looks Good for High Street Retailers

Last week we brought some good cheer to small to medium business (SMB) owners with the news that consumers are nowadays three times more likely to choose to buy from independent retailers than from a large store.  After so many years of high streets across the UK declining due to the advent of online shopping, this is a promising development for high street traders across the UK.