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February 2018

Disclaimer :
"Any views or opinions expressed in these blogs are solely those of the author and might not represent those of Access Credit Management Limited."

Cryptocurrency Uncovered – Part Two

Last week we took a look at the growing trend for cryptocurrencies and gave an explanation of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work.  We promised that this week we’d take a closer look at some of the more popular and successful cryptocurrencies on today’s market, a vital issue now as there are already more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies with a total market cap of around $150 billion in circulation, so here we go!

Debt Collection News Roundup – January, 2018

Here at Access Credit Management we like to make sure we bring our readers interesting and relevant news about our industry so once a month we’ll be publishing a News Roundup.  This should keep you up to speed with all the important goings on within the sector so that you have a resource that keeps you fully informed of all the latest news.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here. 


Crisis, What Crisis?

There was some sobering news recently for anybody who’s interested in finance and money – and, let’s face it, that means all of us!  However, for all the business owners here in the UK, this is even more worrying.  According to legendary investor, Jim Rogers, we’re heading towards a huge market crash that he reckons will “rival anything he has seen in his lifetime”.  So, let’s take a little look at Jim Rogers and then go on to analyse his prediction to Business Insider magazine.

The Business Benefits of Videos

Big businesses are leveraging the power of online videos in order to create and reinforce brand awareness and reach a wider audience than ever before possible.  Large organisations have the budgets necessary to employ some of the best video editors in the industry to produce professional looking short videos that bring their brands to the attention of the masses.  As a small to medium business owner you might think that a corporate video is out of your reach, especially if you don’t have much funding to devote to the production process.

Boost your Business with an Apprentice

If you’re running your own business and employ people, you may find that you have problems with staff retention.  Keeping your staff happy is an essential part of managing a business, after all, they are usually on the front line and represent the public face of your business, so you want them to be cheerful and helpful when they serve your customers or provide services for your clients.  If you’ve experience a rapid turnover of staff in your business, you may be wondering just what it takes to get them to stay.  Some staff members will see working for you as a step on the ladder towards ca

Managerial Mistakes to Avoid for Small Business Owners

Anybody running a small business and employing staff will know that, on a small team, if a member of staff leaves, it can dramatically affect your business.  Staff retention can be a continuing problem for small business owners, especially when the person leaving is an excellent member of staff, a benefit to your business that you’ve come to rely on.  Today we’re going to take a look at some of the mistakes made by managers and business owners, mistakes that are likely to lead to a costly exit as a great team member walks away.