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January 2017

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Staff Sick Days Advice for SME Owners

Any small business owner who employs staff will be aware that this is one of the worst times of the year when it comes to employees phoning in sick.  Last year Daniel Kidd carried out a survey on behalf of Free Office Finder of 10,000 employees across the UK to find out about their sicknesses and a massive one third disclosed that they had taken a fake sick day (known as a “sickie”) in the past year. 

Blue Skies Ahead for Britain’s Businesses?

2016 brought with it a fair share of doom and gloom in so many areas of our lives. Politically, the year seemed to revolve around the European Referendum at the end of June with the first half of the year stuffed with campaigning politicians and thought leaders trying to persuade us to vote either yea or nay. Then came the vote itself – a barely decisive 52% of voters wanting to leave the European Union which came as a shock to the nation, with some of the “no” voters admitting that they didn’t expect to prevail!

The Business Year – 2016 in Review

Before embarking on a brand new year, we thought we’d take a look back at 2016.  How the year was for business, especially the small to medium businesses that form the backbone of the British economy.  With 5.5 million private enterprises here in the UK and 99.3% of those being categorised as small businesses, SMEs are vital to the country’s economy, employing mor

Help Your Employees Conquer Christmas Debts

With Christmas now over and another year about to begin, if you’re a small business owner you have (hopefully) experienced a sharp increase in sales over the past few weeks, particularly if some of your stock is aimed at Christmas shoppers, whether it’s festive food supplies, Christmas decorations or items that would make suitable gifts.  According to one of the UK’s leading debt advice providers, Christmas is likely to be the tipping point for people