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December 2016

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"Any views or opinions expressed in these blogs are solely those of the author and might not represent those of Access Credit Management Limited."

Christmas Credit – Deliver us from Debt

With Christmas upon us, if you’re a small business owner you have (hopefully) experienced a sharp increase in sales over the past few weeks, particularly if some of your stock is aimed at Christmas shoppers, whether it’s festive food supplies, Christmas decorations or items that would make suitable gifts. According to one of the UK’s leading debt advice providers, Christmas is likely to be the tipping point for people who are already struggling to maintain control of their finances and once the pressure of Christmas is over, debt enquiries usually see a sharp rise every January.

Business Plans for SME Start-ups

If you’re considering starting a new business in 2017 then you probably have quite3 a lot on your mind right now.  Starting a small business is not easy and not for everyone but, here in the UK, we’re a nation of small business owners.  The definition of an SME (small and medium sized enterprise) is any business with fewer than 250 emp0loyees, as opposed to micro

Advice for SMEs on how to Avoid the Zombie Apocalypse

As a small business owner you may have come across the term “zombie business” already and could be wondering just what that means.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the launch of companies catering to the zombies in our midst, nor have a group of zombies got together to start a business of their own (whether that’s catering to other zombies or the rest of us mere mortals).  Quite simply, zombie business is the term that’s been adopted by the fi

Post Brexit Export Advice for UK Business Owners

Many business owners here in the UK were shocked at the surprise vote in June that will see Britain leave the European Union and forge its own path alone in the world in future years.  Whether or not you agreed with the outcome of the Referendum, it’s now a reality and business here in the UK has suffered as a result of the uncertainty left in the wake of the vote.  Industry and business leaders gave fair warning before the Referendum took place and, in the aftermath, we’ve been hearing dire predictions from them about how opting out will leave the UK struggling

Christmas Cash Flow for SMEs

The festive season is upon us and we’re all scrambling to get everything ready for the perfect Christmas once again.  Any small business owner will know that Christmas impacts small businesses in different ways.  Retail businesses often enjoy a sharp increase in sales in the run up to Christmas as people stock up with all the necessities for the holiday week or ru

Small Business Owners – Why You Should Pay Yourself

Here at Access Credit Management we’re well aware that our national economy is dependent upon small businesses in every sector and in every part of the land.  After all, statistics show clearly that small businesses account for more than 99% of all private sector business here in the UK and those that employ people are on the increase, making these small businesses vital for our employment statistics as well.&

Business Listing Basics for SMEs

As a small to medium business owner you’ll be aware that running a business these days means competing for attention online.  We’ve already explained why you need a website for your business, even if you don’t sell your products or services online.  Then, last week we gave you some advice on how to Google your business.&nb