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October 2016

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"Any views or opinions expressed in these blogs are solely those of the author and might not represent those of Access Credit Management Limited."

Improve your Business Cash Flow

Steady, predictable cash flow is the life blood of any business, but ensuring that all monies due are paid as and when they fall due can be a problem for many businesses.

Most small business owners are keen to get on with the exciting job of building their businesses, supplying their goods and services  to existing customers, developing new relationships and developing or expanding their product range, while the, admittedly, critical task of good credit management or debt collection can seem a bit of a chore.

Boost Your Business Credit Score

A good credit score will benefit your business by making it easier to land contracts and ensure that you get better terms from both lenders and suppliers.  This is why making sure that your business is in good financial health is vital, especially in the current uncertain economic climate.  Today we’re going to take a look at some simple things that you can do, as a small business owner, to make sure that your business credit score is looking healthy.

Beat Down Energy Bills to Boost your Business

As an owner of a small to medium enterprise you’ll already be aware that maintaining a steady cash flow is essential for your business.  One of your major expenses is probably energy – the regular bills that you pay several times a year for utilities such as electricity, water and/or gas.  While you’ll need to make sure that you have the energy you need to run your business, cutting your energy bills could go a long way towards reducing your overheads and maximising your profits.

Hidden Fees on Commercial Loan Rates – the Lowdown

Most businesses, however large or small, will need to take out a loan at some point – whether to expand the business, help maintain a steady cash flow or to get through times of economic uncertainty.  However, any business owner who arranges a loan may be surprised to find that there are fees to pay that are not disclosed upfront that can make the loan difficult to pay back, causing problems that could have been avoided if the loan had been a little more transparent.  This is why checking the small print is essential, especially when dealing with funding.

Business Rates Re-evaluation Explained

Here at Access Credit Management we realise the importance of small businesses here in the UK – they form the backbone of the British economy, comprising more than 99% of British companies across every sector.  We like to make sure that we bring our business readers all of the news and developments that will enable them to stay well informed and make the right decisions for their businesses.  Today we’re going to take a look at the first business rates re-evaluation since 2010 and see what it’s likely to mean for your business.

SMEs Guide to Managing Tax Efficiently

Any small business owner will know that there are many challenges to be faced when running your own business and you need to have the knowledge and skills necessary to face these if your business is to thrive.  Finance may be one of the biggest challenges that you have to take on board and this can be one of the most difficult to manage, distracting you from the day to day running of your business.

Don’t Write off Debts Owed to your Business

In our News Roundup last week we revealed the worrying fact that a massive 40% of small businesses here in the UK have had to write off debts during the last financial year and don’t actually know the exact sum that they are owed by debtors.  A recent survey of more than 700 business owners disclosed that the average business is owed a total of more than £62,000, with 82% of small companies still having balances outstanding from their debtors.

Debt Collection News Roundup – September, 2016

The team at Access Credit Management is committed to keeping up to date with what’s going on the international debt collection industry so that we can provide our readers with interesting and relevant news about the sector.  As such, once a month we publish a News Roundup to help keep you up to speed with all the important happenings in the industry and provide you with a valuable resource that that you can use to stay fully informed of all the latest news.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.

Budgeting for Small Business Owners – Five Top Tips

If you’re a small to medium enterprise (SME) owner then you’ll be aware that budgeting is one of the most important jobs you need to do to keep your cash flow steady.  Maintaining a steady cash flow, as we’ve pointed out in the past, is vital to run a successful business, especially in these days of economic uncertainty.  Today we’re going to take a look at five top budgeting tips for small businesses owners that can help you to get the best out of your budget for your company.