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March 2016

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The History of Debt

Debt in some form or another has been around almost as long as mankind – it goes back to the ancient civilisations, starting with the Sumerians in 3000 BC.  During those days if a debt was owed and not paid back, the debtor and his wife, children and servants would be forced into debt slavery until the creditor recouped his loss through their physical labour!  Some societies carried debts over to subsequent generations and debt slavery would then continue.

The Benefits of a "No Win, No Fee" International Collection Services

We’ve all come across the term “no win, no fee” – it’s usually an offering made by solicitors to attract clients who need to make a claim for compensation and may not have the necessary funding to cover the costs of hiring a solicitor and taking their claim through the court system.  There are several benefits to be enjoyed from using a “no win, no fee” service, including the fact that the costs are linked to the outcome of the case – if you lose, you don’t pay the solicitor.  The correct term for a “no win, no fee” arrangement is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA

The History of Debt Collection Firms

The practice of debt collection has been around for as long as debts – going way back into the history of mankind, as we reported last week in our article about the History of Debt.  We revealed that debts stretch way back into the ancient civilisations, beginning in Sumer in 3000 BC.  In the Middle Ages, once there were laws formulated to specifically deal with debt collection problems, we saw the beginning of debtors’ prisons here in the UK which lasted for a good few centuries until the passing of the 1869 Debtors Act.

Due Diligence - Get to Know Your Customers

If you’re running a business then it’s likely that you’ll know who your customers are – after all, you sell to them so it makes sense to know your customers so that you can give them what they want, be it products or services.  However, even if you’ve been dealing with a customer for many years, it’s important to know their legal entity.  This way, if they end up owing you money it will be much easier to take further action to recover any monies owed to you.  If you don’t know your customers’ legal entities, then you may find that getting them to settle a debt becomes a di

How a Debt Collection Service Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re a business owner who has debts owing to you then you’re likely to feel annoyed and frustrated.  Smaller businesses in particular rely on a steady cash flow in order to carry on trading.  Being owed money, especially if it’s a large sum, puts your business and your livelihood at risk.  This means that hiring a debt recovery service to recover the money owed to you is likely to be a good investment – especially if you find a debt collection agency that operates on a no win, no fee policy.  Let’s take a look at what a debt collection agency can and cannot do on beha

International Debt Collection Solutions for Business

For most companies, collecting monies owed by customers or clients can be difficult – often costing business owners more (in both time and money) than the amount owed and it can be tempting to just let things slide and write off the debt, vowing not to deal with said customer or client in the future.  Nowadays we’re living in a global economy and the Internet and subsequent progress in technology means that many business owners here in the UK are reaping the benefits of reaching a much wider audience than has ever been possible.


What to do if You're Owed Money By a Debtor in France

So many British companies nowadays are dealing with customers or clients overseas, especially in France, after all, the country is our nearest neighbour. It’s just a short hop across the channel and the opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994 provided us with a quick link to mainland Europe, first stop France. Easier access coupled with the wonders of the internet has led to many businesses widening their horizons (and their customer base) and reaching out to a European audience in a way that was just not possible thirty years ago.

The Business Show 2016 - Why You Should Attend Industry Events

On May 11th and 12th we’ll be attending The Business Show at London’ s ExCel – there will be a number of movers and shakers as keynote speakers and we’re really looking forward to the opportunity to connect with others in business here in the UK. We’ll be bringing you more news about the show in the coming weeks but just take a look at the benefits you get from attending trade shows and exhibitions of this type.