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It’s Official - Access Credit Management is One of the Best in Britain

Here at Access Credit Management, all of our team members take pride in their work in helping small to medium business owners recover debts owed to them.  We know that the UK economy depends largely on small to medium businesses which accounted for more than 99% of all private sector business last year and 60% of private sector employment.  In fact, small to medium sized businesses, with their combined annual turnover of £2 trillion (52% of all private sector turnover), are vital to the wellbeing of Britain’s economy.

Knowing how much the UK depends on small businesses makes us even more thrilled to be included in the Editor of Expert Market’s list of the Seven Best Debt Collection Services in the UK.  In fact, Access Credit Management is listed as “Best for business with international clients”, describing us as “the perfect option for businesses who deal with overseas clients”.  The article mentions the fact that we have accreditation from the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.  Our core services are listed as debt recovery and outsourced credit collection.

This clear demonstration of confidence in our services is a great boost for our business and serves to strengthen our own confidence in our ability to provide our clients with a solution that results in a successful outcome.   It’s this level of confidence that enables us to offer our debt collection services on a contingency, no-win/no-fee basis. 

Whilst a no-win/no-fee service may seem too good to be true, this type of contingency arrangement has become increasingly popular in the debt collection industry here in the UK.  The principal is that any debt collection agency that offers a no-win/no-fee contract will agree to take on the debt recovery process on your behalf for no up-front payment and will only charge you if they manage to recover the monies owed to you and your business.  This means that the debt recovery agency takes on the financial risk involved with recovering the money owed to you by customers, both here in the UK and overseas.

Here at Access Credit Management, we have a team of experts who have the experience and expertise necessary to recover money owed to UK businesses by debtors overseas, both in the European Union and in other parts of the world.  This means that any business here in Britain that deals with overseas customers can use our services when they encounter clients who are persistently late payers, or even worse, when they don’t receive payment for their products or services at all. 

We have such confidence in our ability to collect monies owing to British business from overseas customers that we’re able to offer our services on a contingency basis (a no-win/no-fee basis), giving our customers an extra level of reassurance that they are not wasting more money chasing the debt.