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ACA International Membership – What Does it Mean?

ACA International is the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, was founded in 1939 to establish the ethical standards for the credit and collection industry on a global basis.  It produces a variety of products, services and publications and promotes the value of the credit and collection sector to businesses, policy makers and consumers.  The International Unit of ACA International consists of more than 300 collection companies in more than 60 countries and here at Access Credit Management, we’re proud to be a member of such an illustrious organisation.

All of ACA International’s members are committed to ethical practices and, as a condition of membership, agree to abide by the ACA Code of Conduct.  ACA International clarifies the rights and responsibilities of all participants in the credit and collection process and the Compliance Department continually monitors, researches and analyses laws and decisions which affect the credit and collection sector and issues Compliance Alerts where relevant. 

Being a member of a professional association of this type has many benefits for both the members and their clients.  Debt collection has some negative representations in both the public perception and in the media.  However, the debt collection industry is a vital sector, especially for business and offers its clients a way forward when they are stuck with nowhere to turn when it comes to enforcement of a court ruling. 

Those who need to use the services of a debt collection agency will often find themselves confused when it comes to choosing which provider would offer the best solution.  Making sure that the credit collection agency you choose is a member of ACA International is one way of making sure that you choose the right company to recover an outstanding debt.  Membership will provide clients with the confidence they need to engage the services of a debt collection firm to provide a way forward towards a successful outcome.

Here at Access Credit Management, we offer an international debt recovery service and ACA International is a great resource for the knowledge and resources necessary to operate overseas on behalf of our clients.  Different countries have different laws when it comes to finances and debts, so having the expertise necessary to wade through the sometimes confusing legal considerations is an essential part of the work involved. 

We know that we have the knowledge, expertise and experience required to offer all of our clients a positive solution when it comes to recovering monies owed.  This applies not only here in the UK, but overseas as well.  With so many SMEs nowadays looking to expand into the international market, being able to access an international solution when it comes to debt recovery is essential for peace of mind before dealing with customers or clients abroad.

We also offer a “no-win, no-fee” service which is another attractive proposition when it comes to engaging the services of a collection agency.  After all, throwing good money after bad is not the way to grow a successful business.  Our conditional arrangement means that our clients can have confidence that they are not wasting money in order to recover monies owed to them.