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How to Get Your Customers to Pay Monthly

Any successful business owner knows that having sufficient working capital can be a constant challenge that keeps us on our toes.  It’s a simple fact of life that as a business expands it uses more and more of its cash and working capital.  As more clients or sales come in, cash and capital are usually soaked up by the higher inventory requirements and/or more employees which other expenses and investments grow. 

Help for Heroes - Our Way of Helping

While most of our blog posts deal with the subject of finance in some way or another, today we want to blow our own trumpet a little bit while raising awareness for a very worthy cause that we at Access Credit Management are proud to support.  Most of you will have already heard of Help for Heroes (H4H), the British charity that was launched in 2007 to help provide better facilities for British servicemen and women who have been injured or wounded in the line of duty. 

How to Handle Late Payments

If you own a business then keeping on top of your finances is essential.  A healthy cash flow is vital for a healthy business so you need to make sure that your customers or clients pay as quickly as possible.  However, it’s sometimes the case that payments are late and the first thing to do is to send an email to remind the customer.  After all, one late payment could easily be an oversight and you’ll probably get an apologetic email in return and the amount due will be settled forthwith.  The sooner you get in touch with the customer to work out the payment arrangement t

Choose the Right Debt Collection Firms For Your Business

If you’re looking for a debt recovery solution then you’ll want to make sure you choose a company that best suits your individual needs.  With more than 400 debt collection agencies in the UK, finding the registered debt collector that’s right for you can seem like an insurmountable challenge.  There are so many to choose from that you could spend hours researching and making comparisons when all you really want to do is collect the monies owed to you with as little hassle and inconvenience as possible.  You may even be surprised to learn that there are still illegal debt

Freelancer Finances - Debt Collection Solutions

We’re now living in the Digital Age – technology has changed the way in which we live, work and play. The advent of the internet means that communication in the 21st Century is easier and cheaper than ever before and this has led to so many innovative ways of working. The internet allows businesses to outsource all sorts of work that would once have been done in-house and this has become an attractive proposition. We’re seeing a freelance revolution that means that recruiters and hiring managers nowadays don’t always meet the people they hire.

Debt Collection Process Solutions for Small Business

The economic downturn has hit all of us hard and it’s resulted in many small to medium traders shutting up shop or closing down their businesses. Although we’ve been seeing an upswing over the past couple of years, it’s been a long, slow recovery and it often seems that the current financial crisis is here to stay. Operating under such adverse conditions is difficult enough for the big guys – the high street retailers with branches in every town in the UK, the multi-nationals, etc.